What industry experts say about HEX

Specifically, HEX is not listed on any major or known exchange, and Heart admitted in his interview with Tone Vays that he's not in talks with any exchange to list HEX. However, it can be found on Bidesk and Saturn Network.

First of all, what happened to Richard Heart?

Antonopoulos — author, open blockchain educator — tells Cryptonews. There are enough red flags there to equip a Chinese military parade. Other experts are similarly suspicious. A person like Richard Heart convinces a community and builds a reputation as a trustworthy and knowledgeable authority with a cult like following.

Then finds the perfect time to sell that community something worthless to them for a lot of benefit to him. If it was, it would be a lot easier to recognize the scam for both investors and regulators.


Scams require deception. HEX is fully audited open to view and verify software that you run.

Hex is Awesome

Assuming that HEX is a scam, how will it play out? Tone Vays suspects it won't be around for long. Either way, anyone holding HEX for the long term and maybe even the short term will just lose their investment. Stake early, win big. Stake late, then you may as well stay out of the game. You will need to claim Hex with Metamask and an ethereum wallet. As of now, all Bitcoin addresses should be eligible including those that start with 1 or 3.

In other words, you have to publicly show a snapshot of your Bitcoin holdings UTXO , which some view as a personal security threat. They boast offering a robust claiming tool which can claim from multiple addresses at once. We shall see how good it really is. Electrum, Coinomi, Ledger, and Trezor are recommended by Richard.

What Are the Benefits

If you have Bitcoin in a wallet ready to go, then yes. You have nothing to lose! The coins could become absolutely worthless, but if you already hold BTC, then you might as well claim unless there is some sort of privacy concern you may have. All in all, HEX is not a scam because users do not need to invest in anything and there are no promised returns.

As the launch of the project comes closer we hope to see some more explanations and examples of how bonuses function, but for now, it seems like a fun project to take part in. Ultimately it is unknown what will happen until the currency gains some value over time. However, this particular coin is setup specifically to reward hodlers holders.

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In fact, because it operates like a bank CD, you will gain more if you stake your coins and do not dump. There are penalties built in for people that dump or sell before their staking period is up. Check back to this post for updates on how to claim, coin airdrop or release dates, and other ongoing updates. The best way to learn? Take the time to watch videos like this, that go VERY in-depth on the game theory, technology, and thinking behind the project. During winter , it was discovered that ETH seems to be recycled through the adoption amplifier.

Some argue that this is to keep the price steady compared to Uniswap. It is called Wise Token, and you can read about it here:. This article needs some serious updating. Now would be a good time as the launch is only a month, or so, away. We are piped into the Telegram group and also following each YouTube video. The Telegram is the most active and collaborative channel I have seen for any crypto project, with near full transparency on the entire project.

Nice and fair review. I think this token does what it promises well by acting as a high interest certificate of deposit. On the other hand, it seems to me a very vague project, with a very mediocre utility. It is a token that promises great interests to its holders, there is no collaboration with other projects, it does not solve any real problem, it is nothing revolutionary. There are other projects that allow you to do Staking and on top of that they have real utility, they solve problems, they offer real and tangible solutions. Why does it need collaboration with other projects?

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