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To conduct diagnostic survey alongwith B. To give the advisory services on diversification and intensification of farming system. To conduct the survey for diffusion of new technologies adaptive trials continuously in following years until the new technology has become a success stories.

In pursuance of the number of mechanisms built into the project design and to ensure effective coordination among the departments like agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, horticulture, soil conservation etc. In departments like horticulture, soil conservation etc, where separate secretaries do not exist, director of the concerned departments may act as a member on the interdepartmental group. To oversee and support Agricultural Extension Research activities being undertaken by ATMA and to make policy interventions on inter departmental matters including issues related to Women in Agriculture and co-ordination thereof.

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To promote and establish integrated approach in Transfer of technology at state, division and district level by agriculture and line departments. To internalize new concepts and institutional arrangement successfully demonstrated by the ATMAs. To deal with any other policy issue related to implementation of the project, which emerges from time to time. This PIC would monitor project activities being carried out in each pilot district and ensure that project funds released to the States are included within state budget.

Fund Flow Mechanism :. Planning and Financial Procedures :. The BTC team would prepare seasonal work plans WPs and budgets that would outline extension and farmer training activities to be undertaken during the coming season. In case of programmatic disagreements between the TMT and the block technology team, then these issues would be resolved by the GB. The district-level line departments and research units would also prepare seasonal or annual WPs to 1 maintain diagnostic and support services e. In addition, it would supervise the implementation of block-level WPs.

The OIC would maintain a bank account and funds would be allocated to each BTC member in implementing their approved program of extension activities. The OIC would be responsible for maintaining complete financial records, including expenditure receipts, for approved extension activities. The flow of funds to individual blocks would be suspended if financial and performance records are not submitted to ATMA in accordance with agreed upon procedures.

Operational Procedures. All BTC team members would continue to be employed by their respective line departments, but they would function as a multi-disciplinary technology team or working group that would address the four main programmatic thrusts within the SREP in designing and implementing an integrated extension program. Village extension workers VEWs would have prime responsibility for day-to-day program implementation, with BTC team members assisting with demonstration plots installation, teaching farmer training courses, and conducting farm field days and other group activities.

In large districts, agricultural officers AOs would supervise the day-to-day work of the VEWs, with technical supervision and support coming from the BTC team.

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The goal of this proposed new arrangement is to create an integrated or single window extension system. The flexibility to quickly respond to training and information needs of farmers, the availability of a reasonably good untied operational budget and the participation of the farming community by way of FAC at the block level are the major factors behind the apparent success of ATMA.

However the project suffers from weak process documentation and internal Monitoring and Evaluation system. Nodal Department -Deptt. Governing Board G. Block Technology Team B. Village level extension officers of line department. Farmers Organizations F.

Consolidated reviewed plan is to be submitted by Project Director to the G. Annual Block action plan for extension and research activities is to be prepared by B. Prepared action plans is to be reviewed and monitored by Farmer Advisory Committee F. Approved plan by Governing Board is to be implemented by B.

Extension related field activities will be implemented by village extension officers of line departments with the coordination of farmers organizations under guidance and supervision of B. Carry out periodic Participatory Rural Appraisal to identify the problems and constraints faced by different socio-economic groups and farmers within the district.

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Prepare an integrated, strategic technology plan for the district that would specify short and medium term adaptive research as well as technology validation and refinement and extension priorities for the district, these priorities should reflect the important farmer's constraints, identified during the PRA. Prepare annual work plans that would be submitted to ATMA Governing Board for review position, modification and approval. Maintain appropriate project accounts for submission to technology dissemination unit for audit purposes.

Establish coordinating mechanism at the block level, such as Farmer Advisory Centre, that would integrate extension and technology transfer activities at the block and village levels. Provide annual performance reports to the Governing Board outlining the various research, extension and related activities that were actually carried out, including target achieved.

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Provide secretariat to governing board and initiate action or policy direction, investment decision and other guidance received from the board. Diagnostic survey by researchers and extension worker along with other government staff from the agriculture and other line departments, NGOs and representatives of corporate sector processors, input suppliers, bank and farmer representatives using PRA techniques.

Identification of problems currently affecting the technology dissemination system and limiting its performance of sustainability. Determination of the main opportunities and constraints markets, input supplies, financial and social factors, the natural resource base etc. Formulation of Strategic Adaptive Research and Extension Plan for the District, setting out technical objectives as well as innovations to be introduced into the organizations and funding of technology dissemination.

Preparation of specific action plus implementation responsibilities of the public sector and other stockholders for the specific year. Arranging technical programs covering the need for adaptive research, farmer participatory trials, demonstration, field days and the development of extension recommendation for the coming season.

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The integrated implementation of field activities is workable but depends considerably on the state government's commitment to internalize and practice these new concepts. All ATMAs have made considerable progress on diversification and intensification of different farming systems. Several farmer interest groups and women farmer interest groups have been formed and some of them have initiated joint activities. There is a need to involve NGOs in forming groups of farmers. Integrated package of exposure visit, training and demonstration has resulted in better technology adoption.

Technology Dissemination Management Committee T. C under Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. Age: Minimum 18 to 38 years of age on I One must render not less than 10 years of service under. The candidates must possess knowledge of computer.

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Age: As per norms fixed by the BTC authority. Senior Assistant Jr. A No of posts: 2 two Nos. Educational Qualification: Must be Graduate from Govt. One must render not less than 10 years of service under Govt. Age: Minimum I8 to 38 years of age on Age: Minimum 18 to 38 years of age on The posts of Superintendent, Sr. Application Fee: All the eligible candidates applying for the post as mentioned above need to deposit a Treasury Challan paid to Kokrajhar.