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Daiwa Securities cited the chip shortage in downgrading the stock and cutting estimates for this year and next. China is dealing with unrelated chip-supply issues of its own. Smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp. One positive aspect of the chip shortage: With demand for consumer electronics as strong as it is, it gives companies the power to raise prices and pass on higher costs, said Neil Campling, an analyst at Mirabaud Securities. Lenovo Group Ltd. Sony Corp.

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While Samsung Electronics Co. Samsung this month warned of problems, including the possible cancellation of the launch of its new Galaxy Note, one of its best-selling smartphone models. Makers of networking equipment also have been feeling the pinch. Analysts at Oddo BHF flagged a DigiTimes report that the lead times for deliveries of networking chips are extending to as long as 50 weeks, suggesting that the chip shortage has also reached the networking segment and will likely last into early next year.

ChipmakersWhile automakers have struggled, the flip side of the semiconductor shortage is that the companies supplying those chips could see a boost to their business. Most semiconductor companies should report strong results for the first quarter and give good guidance for the second, said Janardan Menon, an analyst at Liberum Capital Ltd. In the U. There are also broader winners from the shortages in the semiconductor industry, with chip foundries such as leader Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Semiconductor-Equipment ManufacturersThe makers of equipment used to produce semiconductors are benefiting from the supply crunch as chipmakers rush to add capacity to their factories and governments concerned about national security risks are looking at measures to encourage local production.

The combination has created a spending environment that some analysts say will benefit the industry for years. Stocks are giving back gains after a strong week, with little seen moving the needle before March's jobs data. The race to shield coal country from an energy transition that Biden contends will generate jobs and wealth in everything from solar-panel manufacturing to wind power generation highlights the political complexity of the shift to renewables.

Even though he recognizes climate change is a serious issue and that his stance makes him an outlier in his party, he says he worries about the devastating impact of a shutdown to the community. If it shuts, "it's a ghost town," he said. Another proposal would set aside half a million dollars for legal challenges against other states that pass laws restricting the use of coal. One of the goals is to protect mining jobs that underpin the local economy, said Eric Barlow, a Republican state representative who co-sponsored some of the legislation. His district in the northeast part of the state is in the heart of coal country, where output has plummeted in the past decade as utilities started using more renewables and natural gas.

The effort is supported by the governor and at least some of the legislation is likely to become law, said Travis Deti, executive director of the Wyoming Mining Association. The company converted part of one of them to gas last year. Power providers in other states concur. West Virginia, the second-biggest coal producer, is considering a bill that would give state agencies additional oversight and approval authority over utilities that are seeking to close a power plant.

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The result could be higher power prices, or even making the state less attractive for outside investors, according to Jeri Matheney, a spokeswoman for Appalachian Power. The American Electric Power Co. North Dakota is considering a bill that would reduce taxes on coal power plants, while another would consider whether the state should offer insurance to the industry after premiums from third-party insurers climbed.

Arkansas introduced legislation aimed at making it harder for utilities to close power plants. In addition to the proposals to protect the Colstrip plant in Montana, another bill would require the state to evaluate the economic impact on local communities when a utility sought to shutter a power plant, another move designed to make the process of shutting down a site harder.

While that one has been tabled in the Montana House of Representatives, its Republican sponsor Braxton Mitchell expects it to be picked up in the state senate soon. It gets to be a pretty ugly picture pretty fast.

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Visa Inc said on Monday it will allow the use of the cryptocurrency USD Coin to settle transactions on its payment network, the latest sign of growing acceptance of digital currencies by the mainstream financial industry. Visa subsequently confirmed the news in a statement.

The pessimism underscores the mounting difficulties faced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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Trade data showed EU shipments collapsed in January. Sterling slipped as much as 0. Some of the shine is already starting to fade.

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Data from the Chicago-based Commodity Futures Trading Commission in Washington show investors have started to trim bullish bets on the pound. After their long positions hit a one-year high earlier in March, leveraged funds scaled back their wagers for a third-straight week. Even with a Brexit deal and an agreement on financial regulation out of the way, the U. Britain now expects to receive the first doses of the U. Consumers did return to online and in-store shopping in February after a slump at the beginning of the year, official figures published Friday showed.

Still, the rebound was modest. There are a lot of little bad things in the background that individually have the potential to be pretty systemic. When CSG opted to shift its regional headquarters this year from Dubai to Riyadh, it marked an early win for Saudi Arabia and proved a surprisingly easy move for the U. CSG is among several foreign companies that agreed earlier this year to set up regional offices in Saudi Arabia rather than overseeing operations remotely from Dubai, the buzzing commercial hub in neighbouring United Arab Emirates.

The custodian began offering cash loans collateralized by bitcoin last December but is now adding Silvergate customers to the mix. Bloomberg -- Goldman Sachs Group Inc. More of the unregistered stock offerings were said to be managed by Morgan Stanley, according to people familiar with the matter, on behalf of one or more undisclosed shareholders.

Wall Street is now collectively speculating on the identity of the mysterious seller or sellers. The liquidation triggered price swings for every stock involved in the high-volume transactions, rattling traders and prompting talk that a hedge fund or family office was in trouble and being forced to sell. CNBC reported forced sales by Archegos were probably related to margin calls on heavily leveraged positions. Maeve DuVally, a Goldman Sachs spokeswoman, declined to comment. A spokesperson for Morgan Stanley declined to comment. Price SwingsIn block trades, large volumes of securities are privately negotiated between parties, usually outside of open market.

The peers later recovered after traders said word of the offerings lessened fears that a broader trade was unfolding throughout the sector. That late rebound pushed up an index of companies engaged in internet-related businesses in China and the U. Bloomberg -- He was a hot-shot disciple of the hedge-fund legend Julian Robertson -- one of the stars to strike out on his own from the vaunted Tiger empire.

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How and why marquee-name banks embraced Hwang after his first stumble -- an insider trading plea in -- and enabled him to run up so much leverage is an open question on Wall Street, though his frequent trading and use of borrowed money meant he was a profitable client.

Much of the leverage was provided by the banks through swaps, according to people with direct knowledge of the deals. Swaps are also an easy way to add a lot of leverage to a portfolio. The charity is dedicated to the areas of Christianity, art, education, justice and poverty. After leaving Tiger Management as Robertson wound down the firm, Hwang, who is in his mids, spent a decade running his Tiger Asia Management -- backed by his former boss -- and building it into a multi-billion firm with top returns.

In , he closed the hedge fund after he admitted on behalf of the firm in federal court in Newark, New Jersey, to trading on inside information. He was at Hyundai Securities Co. No one was focusing on Korea back then and we hired him soon after.

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Shares of Bilibili opened 2. Markets close in 2 hrs 54 mins. Dow 30 33, Nasdaq 13, In this particular case, the hackers modified these channels to impersonate our brand, using the Gemini name and logo. The hackers then used the compromised accounts to impersonate Gemini and perpetuate a cryptocurrency giveaway scam. Thankfully, after numerous reports flagging the videos and channels as scams, YouTube was able to step in and restore channel access to the rightful owners. Giveaway scams are the most prevalent type of crypto scam and are typically posted to Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and YouTube.

Once a victim sends funds to a "giveaway" address, they are gone forever. Due to the finality of cryptocurrency transactions, there is no way to reverse a transaction unless the recipient decides to return the funds. We are constantly analyzing trends in the space, updating our procedures, and building upon our scam detection systems.

Once alerted to a scam, Gemini protects our customers by blocking transactions to bad wallet addresses. The best protection is to educate yourself — anyone seeking to invest in cryptocurrency should be acutely aware of scams impacting the industry. Gemini covered a number of scams affecting the crypto ecosystem in a previous blog post. The events earlier this month not only affected the targets of the crypto scam, but also the YouTube channel owners.

It can be confusing and frustrating to wake up one day to see your channel changed without your permission. If you find yourself in this predicament, follow these steps laid out by Google to recover your account.

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Additionally, to protect yourself from this ever happening in the first place, it's important to secure your Youtube account. We would like to highlight using security keys for two-step verification as an especially strong defense against account takeovers. In fact, this is what we at Gemini recommend to our customers as well. Online scams are not new or limited to the cryptocurrency industry. But crypto users must be more aware of scams since all crypto transactions are final, unlike in traditional banking.

For any unsuspecting victims who send through crypto to the wallets highlighted on the fake accounts, that crypto will be lost forever.