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China is also pushing to become more environmentally friendly. President Xi Jinping said last year that the country is targeting peak carbon dioxide emissions by and carbon neutrality by the year Skip Navigation.

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Markets Pre-Markets U. Key Points. China's Inner Mongolia region plans to ban new cryptocurrency mining projects and shut down existing activity in a bid to cut down on the energy-consuming operation. A visual representation of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. Querulous reports on various alt coin and virtual currency news sites that China would also consider a ban on cryptocurrency mining are myths according to Da.

I think the supervisors are particularly worried about the challenges that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies entail.

Is Bitcoin Banned in China?

The status of fiduciary money came under pressure. Chinese financial regulators exert strict capital controls on yuan leaving the country for fear of sustained downward pressure on the Chinese currency.

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One is afraid to lose control. Despite being the first country to directly introduce legislation with an immediate bearing on the market, China is not alone.

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Concerns over capital outflow through an ICO have already been raised by US regulatory authorities, and also in Russia, the government is concerned about cryptocurrencies. In the face of this Da believes digital coins still have a bright future. That's not illegal. It's just a matter of getting out of a trading platform. Different managers of trading platforms are reportedly not allowed to leave the country.

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Da was at pains to distance blockchain, a method of tracking decentralized transactions with computers from digital currencies. China is encouraging the development of blockchain technology.


The People's Bank, China's central bank, would work on its own digital currency, Da believes. That applies to the bitcoin, and also to Neo. Prior to the offering, investors paid less than a cent for NEO. Of the global market as a whole, Da had this to say: "The influence of Chinese traders has been decreasing for a long time", he said. The situation poses a serious reputational challenge for bitcoin, or probably any cryptocurrency trader and investor.

Outgoing US state secretary Mike Pompeo made such a declaration , while Canadian and Dutch lawmakers voted on motions this month to make the same finding.

Regulation Of Cryptocurrency In China - Technology - China

Beijing has rejected such accusations and describes the camps as vocational training centers that it says help the Uyghurs, who are largely Muslim, to eradicate extremist thoughts. In addition to the reputational fallout the cryptocurrency could bring, there are also regulatory concerns. In a similar vein companies like Tesla, which has already been heavily engaged with China, could also face similar regulatory challenges over its investment in the cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, there are signs that crypto mining will become less reliant on China in time. Beijing has vowed to halt carbon emissions which come mostly from coal-fired plants such as those generating electricity for bitcoin mining equipment , cement, and other heavy industries, and has stepped up efforts to urge provinces to reduce their energy consumption. Inner Mongolia, which accounted for 8.