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And we find out 15 years too late to stop him , by Duncan Campbell, 16 December in the Register. The renewed focus on Venezuela came two months before the US imposed sanctions against the company, alleging it was trading with Iran. Documents from the Snowden archive cast light on a Greek eavesdroppng scandal from a decade ago that resulted in the death of a young Athens telecom engineer. The telecommunications company installed surveillance equipment in at least 17 of its internet hubs in US soil and surveilled the internet line serving the United Nations headquarters, as directed by a US FISA court order.

The author of the articles, unusually, was identified by name in them, allowing journalists to locate a personal blog he maintained before joining the NSA in which he reveals his ambitions as a writer, although he was reluctant to be interviewed directly.

In , XKeyScore could be used to access data from around field sites worldwide. British involvement in drone strikes has only been avowed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Other documents imply that British personnel stationed at Menwith Hill were involved in planning the strike. An October guide to targeting makes clear the use of mobile phone tracking in these preparations.

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A page document from gives a detailed account of the aims of JTRIG and the behavioural research that underpins them. The documentation shows that GCHQ did not consistently follow authorisation procedures and used novel, untested legal arguments to support their warrant applications. Related articles: Hunting for Hackers, N.

Secretly Expands Internet Spying at U. Joint Five Eyes unit the Network Tradecraft Advancement Team planned to infect smartphones with spyware by exploiting mobile phone browsers and data links to the Google and Samsung app stores. A presentation discusses vulnerabilities that NSA had discovered but not disclosed to the companies involved or the public at large. A series of workshops on the issue was held in Australia and Canada in late and early Source document: Synergising Network Analysis Tradecraft.

Despite losing signals intelligence on Bin Laden during the 90s, NSA did manage to intercept some of his communications prior to the Abbottabad raid and considered exploiting medical equipment. GCHQ was involved in analysing material seized from the compound. The fact that Zaidan was allocated a watch list number indicates that he had been identified for some time.

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Related articles: U. Porup, 16 February in ars technica. Documents from the Snowden archive show how far the NSA has advanced in technology that provides rough transcripts of telephone conversations. A separate group of system are intended to allow keyword searching of vast amounts of audio content, both in real time and retrospectively. The documents decribe various tools being used operationally from onwards, particularly in Iraq, Afghanistan and Latin America.

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Source documents: Coming Soon! For Media Mining, the Future is Now! Black Budget, p. This information was passed on to the Bangladeshi authorities, who have been implicated in torture and politically motivated killings. A GCSB document from indicates that the surveillance is carried out using equipment provided by an allied agency and that there is a listening post in Dhaka, a city in which New Zealand does not have diplomatic premises. The operations appears to have been intended to bolster the chances of New Zeland Trade Minister Tim Groser landing the job.


A series of presentation abstracts from shows that a CIA research group has engaged in a decade-long effort to subvert and compromise the consumer hardware and software produced by US companies and used by millions worldwide. Extracting the encryption keys from Apple products has been a particular priority for the group. Waihopai is one of 16 satellite intercept stations the Five Eyes use worldwide, all of which are named in the report. Technical exchanges between these bases show further that the systems used in each are basically identical.

Deciphering How Edward Snowden Breached the NSA [Five Years Later] | Venafi

A CSE formerly CSEC document from shows that the Canadian agency collected hundreds of thousands of emails to the government every day and monitored visits to government websites. While ostensibly intended to identify cyberthreats, this information was preserved for years, creating a collection of data that could be shared with domestic agencies and foreign governments. The agencies were able to access encryption keys, allowing for 3G, 4G and LTE mobile communications to be monitored in bulk without reference to telecoms operators or governments.

The agencies were also accessing the email and facebook accounts of employees of the major telecoms networks and handset manufacturers in search of similar data. Several documents show that Five Eyes agencies are taking advantage of the work of hackers who they condemn in public, actively monitoring the actions of particular groups and piggy-backing on their work. A separate GCHQ document shows that the agency made a point of monitoring open-source hacker information like twitter feeds and blogs, among them several associated with Anonymous. Source document: Malware from the Five Eyes. Unpublished documents show that among 70, emails gathered in less than ten minutes in a test exercise held in November were communications to and from journalists working at major news organisations including the BBC, Reuters, New York Times, le Monde, the Sun, NBC and the Washington Post.

Results of the exercise were shared on the GCHQ intranet. Related article: N. An unpublished US National Intelligence Council five-year forecast from calls for an increase in the take-up of encrypytion technology to defend public and private organisations from nation-state cyberattacks and criminals. Relevant article: Secret US cybersecurity report: encryption vital to protect private data , by James Ball, 15 January , in the Guardian.

An extract from a NSA presentation shows the agency is monitoring botnets. Source document: CyberCOP. Vienna hosts an unusual concentration of diplomats and international organisations and the NSA has at least three major stations in the city. A number of documents, among them some allegedly released by Edward Snowden, reveal NATO policies on targeted killings in Afghanistan between and A NATO Joint Prioritized Effects List — in effect, a kill list — contained the names of up to individuals at any one time, along with a prioritisation and a number reckoning of the acceptable number of civilian lives it was permissible to take in killing them.

Documents show that after those included on the kill list included drug dealers who were not members of the Taliban, a move that proved to be controversial within NATO. Mobile phone signals played a critical role in the targeting of drone strikes. A presentation lists several in order of the difficulty they pose for the agency. According to a number of sources, including classified documents, the UK had been surveilling the electronic communications of one of the key figures behind the Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist attacks in Mumbai for several months before the attack happened.

Intelligence agencies from India, the UK and the US only shared the information each had after the event illustrating the difficulty of drawing meaningful conclusions in advance even from highly relevant data. Extracts from GCHQ documents provide further corroborating evidence for the use of Regin malware in the Operation Socialist attack on Belgian telecommunications company Belgacom.

Edward Snowden: “Thanks to COVID-19 it’s time to buy Bitcoin.”

A detailed timeline of the Belgacom attack, which went undetected for two years, shows the use of a variety of techniques found elsewhere in the revelations, including the targeting of systems administrators and compromised routers with Quantum Insert. Email addresses targeted include some belonging to the UK-based trade organisation GSM Association, whose working groups discuss advancements in roaming technology and mobile security.

Previous disclosures have demonstrated that the NSA also distributed information from the Copenhagen summit to US policymakers. This was due to have been completed by mid, at which point New Zealand amended its legal framework governing domestic collection. Source documents: Bad guys are everywhere, good guys are somewhere! Documents seen by Der Spiegel show that US and British intelligence services have direct access to the networks of Deutsche Telekom and internet provider Netcologne.

Previous revelations have revealed the existence of Treasure Map, a tool that provides a graphical representation of the entire internet. Source document: Satellite Transport Knowledge. A report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence shows that, contrary to official denials, the United States has considered engaging in industrial espionage to improve the competitive advantage of US corporations.

Related article: The U. Documents show that the NSA has aided Turkey in its operations against Kurdish separatists, while at the same time identifying the Turkish leadership as a key surveillance target of its own. A memo describes analysts from 23 different agencies throughout the US government having access to metadata collected by the NSA and stored in a number of different databases.

In , GCHQ started port scanning entire countries for vulnernble computer systems, targeting administrative as well as public facing services. An internal GCHQ policy document from June describes procedures for the use of covert mobile phones overseas that are not intended to be associated with the agency.

Related articles: Cash, Weapons and Surveillance: the U. An NSA spreadsheet reveals that prominent Muslim-Americans — including lawyers, academics, civil rights activists and a political candidate — have had their emails surveilled, in most cases likely under the authority of the FISA court.

The names appear among email addresses listed as monitored between and An internal memo from provides evidence of anti-Muslim prejudice.

A cache of intercepted conversations included in the documents disclosed by Edward Snowden shows that the communications content of targeted individuals authorised by warrant account for only one in ten records. The certification is one of three the FISA court provides annually; the others relate to counterproliferation and counterterrorism. A number of documents show that collaboration between German intelligence and the NSA is greater than the German government has admitted.

Recent documents from April show that the German side were actively looking to strengthen their relationship with the United States. Final Agenda: Herr Dietmar B. Another document shows that NSA has the ability to match the location of personal photographs taken outdoors with images from spy satellites. Source document: Identity Intelligence: Image is Everything. Related articles: N. Documents show that Microsoft actively working to enable surveillance access to its products, despite the privacy promises it makes to its customers.

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