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It's about time we coded in a list of the current long running static nodes to seed from. I can add code so new nodes do not preferentially stay connected to the seed nodes, just connect and get the list, so it won't be a burden on them.

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What do you think, should I go ahead with adding the seeds? It'll still try IRC first. The IRC has the advantage that it lists nodes that are currently online, since they have to stay connected to stay on the list, but the disadvantage that it's a single point of failure. The "addr" system has no single point of failure, but can only tell you what nodes have recently been seen, so it takes a little longer to get connected since some of the nodes you try have gone offline.

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The combination of the two gets us the best of both worlds and more total robustness. Is there anyone who wants to volunteer to run an IRC server in case freenode gets tired of us? There are enough seed nodes now that many of them should still be up by the time of the next release. It only briefly connects to a seed node to get the address list and then disconnects, so your connections drop back to zero for while. At that point, be patient. It's only slow to get connected the first time.

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This means TOR users won't need to -addnode anymore, it'll get connected automatically. Quote from: laszlo on June 14, , PM. I run an IRC server you can use, it's fairly stable but it's not on redundant connections or anything. It is only two servers right now but we don't mess with it or anything, it just runs. My box is a dedicated irc server: PM up days, , 1 user, load averages: 0. Everybody needs to connect to the same IRC server and channel so they can find each other. Quote from: Vasiliev on June 25, , PM.